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Policy Consultation

At any given time, District School Board Ontario North East Trustees and staff are developing various policies that guide staff in the implementation of Board or Ministry of Education initiatives. 
All new policies receive three separate readings by the Board before they are approved for use. 
New policies and revised drafts of current policies are posted on this page for your information and as part of our consultation process. Families, School Council members, staff, students, and members of the community are invited to submit comments and suggestions using the feedback form below.

New Policies (Pending)

The following policies are awaiting approval. They are available here for your information and consultation. Should you have comments or suggestions, please send them to us feedback on the form below.
​New Policy Name: ​DRAFT  ​Due to the Board:
​Anti-Sex Trafficking December 20, 2022​

Revision of Current Policies 

District School Board Ontario North East reviews our policies regularly and revises them as needed to meet new and updated legislation and/or update relevance of rationale, definitions and the policy statement.
Policies being considered for revision will be listed here, with the draft(s) being posted prior to Board approval to allow for public input: Changes to the Policy are highlighted in yellow.  The Procedures attached to the Policy are included with the Policy but they are administrative and are therefore received, not approved, by the Board of Trustees.
​Policy Number ​Policy Name DRAFT with revisions

​Revised Policy due to the Board for motion of receipt, then to the Board for approval
(with Procedures to be received) on:
1.1.7 Selection of the Director of Education   April 20, 2023
1.2.1 Employee Use of Social Media   TBD
1.2.26 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service   TBD
2.1.32 Emergency Preparedness   December 20, 2022
2.1.24 Pediculosis   April 4, 2023
​3.1.1 ​Tendering of Major Capital Projects ​TBD
​3.1.2 ​Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement ​TBD
​3.1.3 ​Community Use of School Facilities ​TBD
​3.1.4 ​School Funds ​TBD
​3.1.5 ​Purchasing Card Program ​TBD