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Rules and Regulations

Regulations and Conditions for Use of Facilities
Applicants must be 21 years of age.
Once a permit is granted, the permit holder shall be solely responsible for the enforcement of the regulations listed herein, both in respect to members and guests of the permit holder, and to members of the public attending functions conducted by the permit holder.
Permits are non-transferrable.  Assignment or subletting of the permitted premises to a third party is prohibited and is grounds for immediate permit cancellation.
Entrance to a Facility
For the safety and security of our DSB1 family, facility keys and alarm codes are not distributed to community groups.  A member of DBS1 staff will be present at the facility to open doors for your group.  Access to the facility will not be available prior to the start time indicated on your approved permit.  If you wish to arrive early, please make allowances for this when booking the start time on your permit application. 
Permit holders must have a copy of their approved permit & an applicable insurance certificate at each event, otherwise, entrance to the school facility may be delayed or denied, pending verification by a Board representative.  If you have not received an approved permit notification via email from a Community Use of Schools representative, then your permit has not been approved and you will be denied access to the facility. 
A Board employee (custodian), familiar with emergency and security procedures, must be onsite for all activities taking place inside the building.  The employee is on duty for the care and protection of school property and is not to be expected to supervise any activity in progress.  Proper supervision of all activities is the sole responsibility of the permit holder.  If the permit holder will not be present at the event, a designated supervisor must be indicated on the permit.   
Use of the facility is restricted to the hours and areas applied for and approved on the permit. All other parts of the building, except associated corridors and washrooms are off limits.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to enforce these terms. Usage beyond this will result in additional charges and could hinder consideration for any future events.
Groups using a gymnasium must wear proper footwear, that will neither mark nor damage gymnasium floors.  
No equipment shall be moved or operated unless applied for and approved on the permit. 
The facility must be left in the condition that it was found.  This includes cleaning and removing garbage from the land and building. 
The permit holder will be responsible for any and all damage or unusual "wear and tear" to school property arising from use under their permit.  Any damage must be reported immediately to the DSB1 employee on site, and to the Community Use of Schools Outreach Coordinator by the next business day, using the online Damage Report, accessed via the Incident Report page of this website. Financial responsibility for damages to Board property are borne by the permit holder.
In the event that the premises are being misused, the Principal or Outreach Coordinator, after endeavoring to gain the cooperation of the group, reserve the right to terminate all present and future arrangements.
Any physical injuries occurring during your event must be reported immediately to the DSB1 employee on site, and to the Community Use of Schools Outreach Coordinator by the next business day, using the incident report page of this website.  
Hold Harmless
The applicant will protect, indemnify and save harmless the District School Board Ontario North East, its servants or agents, from all claims for damages that may arise out of the use of buildings or equipment by the applicant.  The lessee will assume responsibility for damage, infringements or royalty rights, charges of slander, sedition and subversion which may occur as a result of public performances or speeches.
Insurance Requirements
The applicant will obtain an insurance certificate, naming District School Board Ontario North East as an additional insured, for a minimum of $5 million liability, for all events.  For more information, please click here to access the Community Use of Schools Insurance Requirements page.
*Please be advised that if your event is of a high-risk nature, a minimum of $10 million liability may be requested. 
Safety and Security

Nut and nut products, shellfish and latex (balloons) are common allergens, and pose significant health risks to some of our students and community members.  Please avoid bringing these products into our facilities.   
Fire code standards must be met, including seating capacity limits.  No obstructions are to be placed in corridors or in front of fire exits, nor shall they block a clear path to either.  All scenery, props, special effects, etc. must meet fire code safety standards.  Costs relating to improper use of fire and security alarms will be charged to the permit holder. 
The use of pyrotechnics, dry ice, smoke machines or equipment producing similar effects is prohibited.
Prior approval must be obtained before any hazardous aerosols, liquids, powders or solids are brought onto Board premises.  Once approved, a copy of an up-to-date MSDS sheet for any hazardous material must be available at all times while the product is on premises. 
The permit holder is responsible for monitoring the door/gate for their event as doors must not be propped open.  Some facility spaces require a security guard in place for the duration of a public performance or event. 
Certain inflatable attractions may be used as part of a Community Use of Schools activity as long as they are professionally installed by a licensed mechanic/installer, and properly supervised.  All inflatable devices must be approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).
Any inflatable device designed for jumping and/or free-falls (e.g., bounce houses and combo houses); where equipment design obstructs sightlines, interferes with supervision, or creates confined spaces resulting in a suffocation hazard; or where detachment from a tethering device could cause serious injury, are prohibited. Inflatable devices designed for jousting, boxing, wrestling, etc., must be age appropriate.  Any permit requesting inflatable attractions that does not meet these requirements will be denied. 
Please click here to access the Community Use of Schools Inflatables page for more information. 
Smoking and Vaping
Smoking (smoking or holding lit tobacco or cannabis, medical or recreational) and vaping (inhaling or exhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette or holding an activated electronic cigarette whether or not the vapour contains nicotine) is not allowed in public and private schools, including the grounds associated with the school, and public areas within 20 metres of any point on the perimeter of the grounds of the school.
An individual who violates the prohibition on smoking and vaping in schools or on or around school grounds may be charged, and if convicted, face a maximum fine of $1,000 for a first offence or $5,000 for any further offence. 
Please visit Smoke-Free Ontario for more information.
Liquor or lottery is not permitted on Board premises without legal licensing and insurance in place, and prior approval from the Board. Games of chance, or gambling of any kind (with the exception of legal lotteries), are strictly prohibited.

Requests for events with special licensing requirements must be approved by the Board a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event.  Following Board approval, a copy of all necessary legal licenses and corresponding insurance (for $10 million liability) must be received by the Community Use of Schools office, a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event.  Any special licensing permit requests that do not meet these requirements will be denied. 
Schools and School Groups have exclusive use of their facilities from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays and have priority use over user groups outside of school hours. While the school will do its best to honour an approved permit, there are times when the school will require its facilities without prior knowledge.  In this instance, DSB1 reserves the right to cancel a permit, or date(s) within a permit, if the space is required for a school or board program.  DSB1 assumes no responsibility for expenses, distress, disappointment, frustration and/or inconvenience resulting from cancellations or alterations to permits. 
For more information, please click here to access the Community Use of Schools Cancellations page.
Inclement Weather
All Community Use activities will be cancelled on inclement weather days (school bus cancellations), even if the school remains open.  Notification will be sent via email as soon as possible the morning of the cancellation.
Vehicles may only be parked in designated areas and must comply with all municipal by-laws.  Parking in designated areas such as fire zones is prohibited, as well as is parking on any playfields or greenspace. Failure to comply may result in a fine, and the vehicle may be towed.