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Use of Inflatables on Board Premises
District School Board Ontario North East has some restrictions when it comes to the use of inflatables in or on school premises.  Certain inflatable attractions have been approved for use, but with very strict guidelines.  Please ensure your inflatable provider is aware of these guidelines, and is able to provide a service that adheres to them.
In addition, your inflatables provider must be able to provide proof of insurance, for a minimum of $5 million liability, naming District School Board Ontario North East as an additional insured, and must be able to provide a current Ontario Amusement Device License from the TSSA, in good standing.  
A copy of these documents must be forwarded, along with a signed, DSB1 Inflatables Contract, to the Community Use of Schools office a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event.  
Guidelines for Use of Inflatables 
Certain inflatable attractions may be used as part of a  Community Use of Schools activity as long as they are professionally installed by a licensed mechanic/installer, and properly supervised.  All inflatable devices must be approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).
Any inflatable device designed for jumping and/or free-falls with multiple participants at one time (eg. bounce houses and combo houses) are not allowed
Inflatable devices where participants are on or inside, and where equipment design obstructs sight lines, interferes with supervision, or creates confined spaces resulting in a suffocation hazard; or where detachment from a tethering device could cause serious injury, are also not allowed.  
Inflatable devices designed for jousting, boxing, wrestling, etc., must be age appropriate.  
Any permit requesting inflatable attractions that does not meet these requirements will be denied. 
Please click below to download a copy of the DSB1 Inflatables Contract.