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Keys to Wellness

We all want our children to feel mentally well, grow up happy and to learn how to navigate life’s challenges and it’s not always easy to know what to do. We’re here to help. Our DSB1 Mental Health Team has designed six Keys to Wellness Toolkits that focus on strategies to help you to build and nurture your child’s mental health. If you have ideas for additional topics that could be helpful to support you and your child, please email [email protected].

View the full booklet for Keys to Wellness Toolkits or view each section separately below:

1.     Breathing strategies that can help decrease how our body physically reacts to stress and helps us calm our minds.
2.     Muscle relaxation exercises that can help relax our body's responses to stress and feel better.
3.     Visualization activities or guided imagery that will provide an opportunity to shift our focus away from worries and distractions.
4.     Distraction activities that will help give us space when feeling overwhelmed with feelings and situations.
5.     Thought-changing strategies that can help us slow down and notice how we might be feeling.
6.     Gratitude activities that will guide our way of thinking to bring more positivity to our lives.