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Frequently Asked Questions for Educators

What is the teacher's role in supporting student mental health?

College members are a recognized support in the service of students' mental health. By understanding the characteristics of mental health, OCTs can help to identify students at risk, seek help, support them on the path to care, and create a learning environment that supports recovery and wellness.  Learn more here.

How can educators support student mental health?

The Ministry of Education has developed a K-12 resource guide to provide educators with information on the early signs of mental health and addiction problems, along with strategies that can be used in the classroom to support students.  The document can be downloaded here.

How can educators work with parents when student mental health issues arise?

Don't judge, do your homework, be the student's advocate and remember that the parents are the experts on their children.  Learn more here.

Where can educators find mental health resources to use in the classroom?

Use your professional judgement to understand the context of your classroom and students to maximize the growth of student in your care. You can reinforce the strategies and skills being taught in the class-wide research-based social and emotional programs being delivered.  In addition you can explore everyday practices that promote well-being here