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Student Senate

Role of the Student Senate

Student Senate constitutes two student representatives from each secondary school in District School Board Ontario North East. The Student Senate meets monthly to provide a perspective on student issues and communicate decisions made by DSB1 to their school’s student body. Being involved in Student Senate provides leadership opportunities for Senators as they advocate and learn the purpose and work of our Board.



​Crystal Hewey Trustee, Timmins and Area
​Rosemary Pochopsky ​Trustee, Kirkland Lake
Avery Beerman Student Trustee, ​Roland Michener Secondary School
Hayden Bedard Student Trustee, Timmins High and Vocational School
​Alexandra Gauthier ​Student Trustee, Iroquois Falls Secondary School


​Lesleigh Dye Director of Education 


Eva Palangio ​Englehart High School
Kylie DeChamplain Englehart High School
Kateline Litt-Roy Hearst High School
Sarah Lehman Iroquois Falls Secondary School
Grant Stack Iroquois Falls Secondary School
Sarah Card Kapuskasing District High School
Arshdeep Singh Kapuskasing District High School 
Brennan Buchmann ​Kirkland Lake District Composite School
Nevaeh Reuben  ​Roland Michener Secondary School
Payton White Roland Michener Secondary School
Georgia Fully Timiskaming District Secondary School
Nora MacArthur Timiskaming District Secondary School
Alyssa Delich ​Timmins High and Vocational School
Tara Kiani Timmins High and Vocational School


Kateri Gustafson ​École Secondaire Cochrane High School
Caroline Wesley Hearst High School
Bronson Judd-Rivest Iroquois Falls Secondary School
Arthur Koosees Kapuskasing District High School
Trey Menard Cote Roland Michener Secondary School
Caydon Heavens Timmins High & Vocational School 
Payton Abraham Timiskaming District Secondary School 
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