RMSS Students Manufacture a Manifold for a New Dust Collection System

At Roland Michener Secondary School (RMSS), four grade 9 students captured the opportunity in their shop class to manufacture a manifold for a new dust collection system for R. Ross Beattie's woodshop.  

The project was brought forward and developed by District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) health and safety coordinator Randy Keizer and RMSS Technology Teacher Darrin Reade. In technology classes, students use equipment to learn based on their level of interest and personal skill experience.

Students were eager to learn and apply fabrication skills for this specific dust collection system project. Under direction from Mr. Reade, these four grade 9 students went from limited knowledge in the fabrication process to completing two dust collection system manifolds in four weeks. They used equipment available in the technology class, including a plasma cutter, MIG welder, air and electric grinders, chop saw, hand files and measuring tools.

One student shared, “It took a lot of tools actually! We also had to plan, measure and problem-solve. This was a fun and interesting learning experience.”

These systems were installed in January at R. Ross Beattie. DSB1 Health and Safety Coordinator Randy Keizer said, “There was a lot of table-mounted equipment and the installation of new duct manifolds improved air quality as well as increased space in the classroom.”

Students across DSB1 technology classes are provided with the opportunity to build hands-on experience while operating industry-level tools in a safe environment that they can take directly to the workforce.