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Timiskaming District Secondary School
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Five Ways to Well-Being Challenge Winners

May 07, 2021

Copy of Banner MHW.pngCongratulations to the Five Ways to Well-being Challenge winners!

DSB1 participated in the Five Ways to Well-Being Campaign as part of Mental Health Week. 

We hosted a challenge, encouraging students to submit how they bring to life the Five Ways to Well-Being: Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning and Give. 

The Five Ways to Well-Being Challenge was a success with a total of 62 submissions!  Congratulations to the winners for each category!


Thank you, Graeme for sharing with us how you connect!

Connecting is an important part of well-being.  During the pandemic, we are challenged to connect with others differently.  Remember to also connect with yourself and with the environment around you. 


Thank you, Ram for sharing with us how you Take Notice!

Taking notice is an important part of well-being. This past year has challenged all of us to remember take time and appreciate the simple things that give us joy.  


Be Active

Thank you, Emma and Kendall for sharing these tips to be active, as part of the Five Ways to Well-Being Challenge!

Exercising makes you feel good!  Find activities that you enjoy and help you move consistently.


Keep Learning

Thank you, Nora for sharing with us how you Keep Learning, as part of the Five Ways to Well-Being Challenge! 

Ongoing learning is such a vital part of well-being. Continue to embrace new experiences, to seek opportunities to learn and to grow. You may just surprise yourself!



Thank you, Paige for sharing with us how you Give, as part of the Five Ways to Well-Being Challenge!

Giving is an essential part of well-being. Whether it be your time, your words or your presence, giving can boost not only your personal well-being but of all of those around you.