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Smooth Rock Falls Public School
News Item

Student Vote

October 25, 2018

Students in Mrs. Rasiga’s class had an opportunity to exercise their right to vote in the municipal

elections organized by CIVIX on Friday, October 19, 2018. As usual, they had a lot of fun and

proved that they can be responsible citizens!

Student Vote is a parallel election for students under the voting age, that coincides with the

official elections at various levels (federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal). Their intent is to

provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience this democratic process firsthand

and, thus, practise becoming informed, responsible, and engaged citizens. The program had its

debut in 2003 and, since then, CIVIX has organized 5 federal, 22 provincial, 5 territorial, and 6

municipal elections. The program has reached more than 10,000 schools and about 4 million