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Roland Michener Secondary School
Student Handbook




Roland Michener Secondary School was named after Canada’s 20th Governor General, His Excellency the Right Honorable Roland Michener. He was a man of many talents and interests who excelled as a scholar, athlete and politician. As Governor General of Canada, he inspired Canadians of all ages to strive for academic excellence, work to improve their communities, and live healthy, active lives. With his commitment to excellence, Roland Michener showed that he lived by our school’s motto, Sors Tua in Manibus Tuis, Latin for “Your Destiny is in Your Hands”.

Roland Michener has a rich history of spirit and tradition.  There is a place and a person for everyone here. We encourage you to get involved in school like and make some memories to last a lifetime.  Remember that a healthy life is a balanced life—your studies, social life, and physical health all need to be nurtured in order for you to become the person you were meant to be. And remember most of all that although your school, family, and friends provide you with valuable support, in the end only you can achieve your life goals—“Your Destiny is in Your Hands.”

Mrs. Elvestad


School Staff

What if ...

  • I’ve missed a class, homeroom or have been away for a whole day

  • I come to school or class late

  • I need to leave the school

  • I signed out but am coming back

  • I need to talk to a guidance counsellor

  • I’m returning to class after an appointment

  • I’ve been suspended and will miss a test

What to do ...

  • sign in at front desk with a parental note explaining absence the next day before period one

  • head straight to class

  • 18+ sign out!

  • 17- sign out with a note from parents at the front office

  • sign in at front office when you return

  • go to the guidance office and fill in an appointment slip

  • get teacher/counsellor to sign your slip to give to classroom teacher

  • make arrangements with vice-principal before the test date to make accommodations

RMSS Late Procedures




warning and reminder of policy


1 detention (½) & phone call or email home from teacher

4 - 6

1 additional detention (½)  for each time


Parent/Student/Administrative Conference

RMSS Truancy Procedures




Full lunch detention (40 minutes); email admin


2 lunch detentions & Phone call or email home from teacher; email admin


Admin Referral and Possible Internal Suspension


Admin Referral and Possible External Suspension; Upon student’s return, Parent/Student/Admin Conference


Admin Referral


It is the student’s responsibility to accept instruction, and to strive to reach his/her potential. At RMSS, the students are expected to have respect for self, respect for others, respect for property, and to attend and be on time for classes. Students are expected to observe the following rules:

  • Come to class prepared with required materials, textbooks, and all assigned work.

  • Follow instructions from their teachers.

  • Student need to use the lockers provided to them as jackets and backpacks should not be brought to class.

  • Energy drinks are not permitted at RMSS.


Dress is to be in good taste, modest, and appropriate to a learning environment. Students are to dress in a fashion which conveys respect for themselves and others.

Head wear of any kind is not to be worn in the school.

Jewellery and other accessories that poses a hazard to personal safety is not allowed. Piercings may be required to  be removed for shop classes, gym classes and any other classes and/or school activities as required for safety reasons.

Any article of clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs, other illegal substances and/or is sexually, racially, ethnically abusive or contains profanity is not appropriate apparel.


Please take the opportunity to review the following District School Board Ontario North East policies. They are found on the web at under the heading “Policy Manual”. All school administration and operations are governed by these policies and grounded in the statutes and regulations of the Education Act.

2.1.5 Inclement Weather

2.1.6 Code of Conduct

2.1.7 Violence Prevention

2.1.15 Safe Schools: Progressive Discipline

2.1.18 Safe Schools: Student Discipline, Bullying Prevention & Intervention

2.1.19 Access to School Property

2.1.28 Handheld Electronic Communication & Listening Devices