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Iroquois Falls Secondary School
News Item

Grade 9 Leadership Day

September 14, 2018

This year’s grade 9 leadership day was one of the best we’ve ever had!  Students were driven to Northland Camp for a fun filled day of team building and building new relationships with each other and teachers.  
Students were broken  up into 4 pride groups to participate in four different challenges.  Each pride group was assisted by pride leaders who are senior student council members. Student council, the group responsible for the day, are working really hard to revamp the pride groups and build school spirit.
The grade nine students took part in a scavenger hunt, a timed fire building competition, a GPS geocache activity, and games on the lawn.  By all accounts the students, leaders, and teachers had a great time.
Lunch of spaghetti and meatballs was provided for all participants with cupcakes for dessert.  Mrs. McIntyre never fails to create delicious cupcakes and Ms. Thomson’s spaghetti sauce with meat balls is a favorite.
IFSS really goes the extra mile to include all students and make them feel cared for and accepted.  Grade 9 day is one rung in the ladder of school inclusivity and success.