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Hearst High School
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This week is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.

November 22, 2021

​Anti-Bullying Week 2021 (News and Announcement) (1).png

This week is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.  

Bullying prevention and intervention is about more than eliminating bullying. Bullying prevention promotes the development of healthy relationships, both in-person and online.  These relationships are important to developing and maintaining mentally healthy and caring learning environments.  

Students who have quality friendships are less likely to both engage in, and be victims of bullying. This is because students can use quality friendships to learn to regulate their emotions and behaviour in a socially appropriate way. 

Our schools and educators work closely with students and families to help foster healthy relationships and quality friendships.  For example, Cochrane Public School is continuing its’ partnership with the Ininew Friendship Centre to offer the Bullying 101 Program.  This program is one of many delivered in our schools to prevent bullying and help students develop healthy relationships.  

Our goal at DSB1 is to ensure that we all have healthy, safe, respectful, and caring relationships with people in our lives.