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Hearst High School
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Snow Sculpture Contest at RMSS

March 09, 2021

BohdanecGrade8 (1).jpeg

Our talented students and staff from Roland Michener Secondary School organized a snow sculpture challenge for the month of February. Snow piles were made by Mr. Beerman, a local contractor, and classes spent a few weeks making their sculptures. Check out the letter from Mrs. Standeven’s class, as they share their sculpting inspiration with us! 

Using our social emotional awareness, the human mind is composed of so many emotions and feelings wrapped into one sphere. We need to become one with our emotions as we journey through this adventure called life. Sometimes it feels like a boulder being pushed up hill, but social emotional awareness helps us become stronger.

Blue symbolizes stability, trust, intelligence, and truth

Green represents tranquility, health, good luck, and our bond with nature

Red is interpreted as adventure and anger

As we push through our social-emotional feelings through the pandemic, knowing how we feel and how we want to feel we gather without edges in harmonious cohesion. 

We chose Jackson Pollock as our influence because of his unique abstract art style, reflective of the synapsis of mind.

Many thanks, 

Mrs. Standeven's class