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Save the Date - Dr. Dave Williams

June 26, 2019
District School Board Ontario North East is thrilled to invite staff, families and community partners to a presentation by Dr. Dave Williams.   Thursday, November 7, 2019
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm  (book signing to follow in Timmins) Timmins High and Vocational School Auditorium  (Broadcasted live to all schools in...

March of Dimes

June 17, 2019
‚ÄčMembers of the local March of Dimes organization came to Golden Avenue to thank students for all their efforts in collecting pop tabs throughout the year.


Subtracting in Kindergarten

June 07, 2019
‚Äč Today the Kindergarten class used the green screen to create and solve simple subtraction stories. For example... ‚Äú4 giants were playing on the grass when 3 had to go home for supper. How many were left playing? - 4-3=1‚ÄĚ The green screen can help learning come alive with creative backdrops...
Plastic Grab Bag Challenge6.JPG

Plastic Grab Bag Challenge

May 10, 2019
Did you know that more than 1 billion plastic bags are handed out in Canada each year? They can all be reused and recycled. 
Students in Mme. MacDonald’s and Mme. Boychuks’s classes at Bertha Shaw as well as students in Mr. Wray’s and Mrs. Mahon’s classes at Golden Avenue participated...

Pysanky Workshop

May 07, 2019
‚Äč On April 18th, Mrs. Newell‚Äôs Grade 4 class attended a Pysanka Workshop at the Timmins Museum.  Students discovered some of the traditions and celebrations of the Ukrainian-Canadian community and learned how to decorate an egg of their own using the Ukrainian wax-resist technique.


Explorations with Minerals

May 07, 2019
‚ÄčStudents in Mrs. Newell's and Mr. Wray's classes visited the museum, yesterday, to discover what are minerals, how they are formed, and the history of mining minerals here in Timmins.


Fun Hair/Hat Day

April 26, 2019
‚ÄčThe students at Golden Avenue wore their favourite hats and/or fun hair to help us celebrate Autism Awareness month. It was a the final theme day for the month. Thank you to all the students and staff who helped us celebrate. A big thank you to Mrs. Blakey and her team...

Recycled Robots

April 26, 2019
‚Äč The students at Golden Avenue put their imaginations to use in order to help our environment on Earth Day. Students were excited to create robots/creatures out of recyclable materials. No new paper or paint was allowed to be used in the making of their robots. The ACHIEVE class gave away...

Basketball at Golden Avenue

April 17, 2019
‚ÄčStudents in grades 5 and 6 have been busy practicing their basketball skills since January. They have all worked really hard to improve in dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and team play. The Golden teams participated in 2 tournaments throughout the season and represented our school really well through both skill and behaviour....

World Autism Awareness Day

April 12, 2019
‚ÄčStudents from Roland Michener and Bertha Shaw showed their support for World Autism Awareness Day by wearing blue and joining us on a walk around the community.


Fan Day

April 12, 2019
‚ÄčStudents donned their favourite jersey, dressed up as their favorite character, and even created their own was to celebrate their favourite things.

Skipping Ropes.jpg

Plastic Bag Collection

April 11, 2019
To help promote environmental responsibility  during Earth month ,  we  are  asking students at Golden Avenue and Bertha Shaw to help us  collect  plastic bags , which will be recycled in to skipping ropes . Our hope is that we can reduce the number of plastic bags  that  eventually end up...

Saving the Planet One Bag at a Time!

April 10, 2019
‚ÄčStudents in Mr. Wray‚Äôs class and Mme. Wray‚Äôs class at Bertha Shaw put their sales tactics to work on Wednesday evening at the Porcupine Mall. The students sold over 80 recyclable bags in 15 minutes! Not only did they try their hand at sales, but they also utilized their change making skills with...

Buy a Bag, Save the Planet! on Wednesday, April 10th @ the Porcupine Mall

April 05, 2019
‚ÄčStudents in Mr. Wray's and Mme. Wray's classes have been busy on their environmental project, learning about the effects of plastics on local habitats. They have collaborated over the last few months, and have created a reusable canvas bag, with student work on it, to help spread their positive message of...

Seasonal Changes

April 05, 2019
‚Äč Today the Kindergarten class started their weekly look at Spring / Summer changes. They walked a few blocks from the school to take a look at Porcupine Lake... the ice, the snow, the (lack of) ducks / birds, the trees, the feeling of the air, the depth of snow... and more! The Kindergarten class plans...

Autism Awareness Activities

April 01, 2019

Experiential Learning Trip to Your Independent Grocer

March 28, 2019
‚ÄčStudents in Mr. McArthur‚Äôs class visited YIG‚Äôs grocery store to purchase vegetables and fruit for preparing a healthy snack. Students then prepared and ate their snack in the afternoon. Yummy!


Environmental Responsibility Challenge

March 28, 2019
‚ÄčMr. Kring led us through a review of our character traits for March: optimism and persistence. Many students demonstrated these character traits and were recognized at the assembly. Students who led the pop up hot chocolate stand were also recognized in the assembly.
He also introduced us to April’s character trait:...

How Many Shoes?

March 07, 2019
‚ÄčStudents at Golden put their estimation skills to work, this past week. They were challenged by Mr. McArthur's class to estimate how many shoes would cover the inside of a dinosaur footprint.
Here are the results!


Breadsticks & the Alphabet!

March 05, 2019
‚Äč The Kindergarten class made bread sticks as part of their Kindergarten Kitchen activities. After making the dough, students shaped it to form the first letter of their name... and then of course enjoyed eating it fresh from the oven!

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Transportation Cancellations due to Inclement Weather

February 22, 2019
Student safety is our main priority at District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1).  The Northern Ontario climate can sometimes cause the cancellation of student transportation.  That decision is made between the North Eastern Student Transportation, the three school boards who are part of the consortium, as well as transportation operators...
Book Talk1.jpg

Book Talks

February 21, 2019
Students in ‚ÄčMs. Carroll's class used their creativity to bring the stories they read to life. Using a variety of mediums, students represented the key event in their chapter book through a diorama, and provided their classmates with a summary of it.
Great work!


Invigorating School Community Through Dancing

February 15, 2019
‚Äč Students from Golden Ave and Bertha Shaw had fun at the Valentine‚Äôs Day dance, yesterday. After dancing, a student from Mr. Wray‚Äôs class lead each school in a breathing exercise, which students also enjoyed. Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Wray‚Äôs classes for organizing the dance. Together, they raised over $200.00...
vday math2.jpeg

Valentine's Day Math

February 15, 2019
‚Äč On Valentine‚Äôs Day, for math, Kindergarten students talked about addition stories and created some of our own adding stories, using students and our green screen. In the two pictures attached students talked about how two boys were playing in the water and two girls joined them. 2 + 2 = 4....

Valentine's Day Dance at Golden Avenue

February 08, 2019
Monday, February 7th, 2019

Dear parents/guardians,

WHAT: Valentine’s Day Dance (students will be taught a dance) at Golden Ave. WHEN: Thursday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day) WHERE: Golden Ave gymnasium WHY: To promote growth mindset and for fun!!! OTHER: Please bring a $1 to participate (though not necessary)

February Character Ed5.jpeg.jpg

January's Character Education Assembly

January 31, 2019
‚Äč Throughout the months of December and January, students and staff focused on compassion and empathy. Many, many students were recognized throughout the months for demonstrating the character traits, and over 70 students demonstrated other character traits. Our next focus is: Friendship and Kindness. To further our school-wide discussions, Mr. Kring has created an encouragement note template for students to have access...

Collaboration between Golden PS and Bertha Shaw PS

January 17, 2019
‚Äč Bertha Shaw students in Mme Wray‚Äôs class and Golden Ave students in Mr. Wray‚Äôs class are collaborating on different projects this year.  The students wrote narrative stories, and shared them with the other class. They also enjoyed a team building game of dodgeball! The two classes will continue to collaborate to work on an...

Golden Avenue & Bertha Shaw Collaborate

January 16, 2019
Golden Avenue students in Mr. Wray‚Äôs class and Bertha Shaw students in Mme. Wray‚Äôs class collaborated to write narrative stories, which they shared with each other. Students also enjoyed a team building game of dodgeball, as per their request. They will continue to collaborate throughout the remainder of the year to work on an...
Year in Review.png

2018 Year in Review

December 21, 2018
As we approach the end of 2018, District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) is proud to reflect on accomplishments that help support a positive future story for every student. We are pleased to welcome five new Trustees on our Board this year.  We are grateful for the contributions...

Character Education for December

December 21, 2018
‚Äč December‚Äôs Character Education trait was Empathy (compassion). As a practical way to show empathy in our larger community together as a school students and staff brought in socks to support those helped by the Yo Mobile in Timmins. When laid out sock to sock the socks made a long line...
Christmas Socks.jpg

Christmas Sock Day

December 20, 2018
To help feel festive, this week, students dressed up for theme days, including: pyjamas, red & green, Christmas hats, socks, and sweaters.
Have a safe, happy, and relaxing holiday season from all the staff at Golden Avenue.


Soup for the Good Samaritan Inn

December 17, 2018
‚ÄčThe students in Ms. Carroll's grade 5/6 class epitomized this month's character education focus: compassion and empathy. They made soup for the individuals at the Good Samaritan Inn. The students were involved in bringing in healthy vegetables; preparing the yummy, warm soup by peeling and dicing; and delivering it right to...

Fire Safety Presentation

December 06, 2018
‚ÄčMembers of the local fire department came to visit Golden Avenue to share an important safety message:  
Look. Listen. Learn. Fire can happen anywhere.
They brought with them a special guest, which all students were excited to meet: Sparky the Fire Dog!


Backwards Day

December 03, 2018
‚ÄčFor the final theme day of the month to help raise money for the Breakfast program, students wore clothing backwards.


Pajama Day

November 29, 2018
‚ÄčGolden Avenue students once again helped raise money to support the Breakfast program. This past Friday, students wore their pajamas to school, and, at the same time, donated $2 to the program.
Students are looking forward to the next special day 'Backward Day', occuring on Friday, November 30th.

Science North 2.JPG

Educators Take Part in Inquiry-Based Science Innovation Workshop

November 27, 2018
Elementary educators took part in a Science North  Inquiry-Based Science Innovation workshop on November 22 nd at THVS. The full day of hands-on learning, interactive experiments and engaging activities for teaching the grade 4, 5 and 6 "Understanding Structures and Mechanisms" strands, was a unique experience for all participants....

Subs for Good Samaritan Inn

November 23, 2018
‚ÄčTo help support the individuals who lost their homes and personal belongings in the tragic fire at the Good Samaritan Inn, students at Golden Avenue were good samaritans themselves, through the purchase of subs from Subway. For the next 4 weeks, students will be munching on subs and helping those in...
Metro 1.jpeg

Timmins Transit Visit to Metro

November 23, 2018
‚Äč The Kindergarten class enjoyed a trip to Metro to shop for mini-pizza ingredients. Mr. Kring, Mme. Angele and 5 parent or grandparent volunteers brought the Kindergarten class on the city bus to the Metro at Porcupine Mall. Students toured the different sections of Metro and then shopped in small groups...
Fun Hair Day1.jpeg

Fun Hair & Hat Day

November 16, 2018
Throughout the month of November, students at Golden Avenue are building school pride and celebrating with theme days, and at the same time, raising funds for the breakfast program Mrs. D and her volunteer staff so graciously help organize and maintain. 
On Friday, November 16th, a wide variety of fun...
IMG_0246 (002).jpg

Dr. Greg Wells Inspires

November 15, 2018

Dr. Greg Wells is a physiologist, researcher, author and broadcaster.  He spoke to DSB1 students, families, staff and community partners on Tuesday, November 13th.  His presentation was broadcasted to our northern and southern schools via livestream video from Timmins High and Vocational School. 
Dr. Wells shared the sleep-eat-move-think pathway to...

Mountain Dodgeball

November 15, 2018
‚Äč This year 65 students signed up for the Grade 4-6 Mountain Dodgeball tournament. Each year Mr. Kring holds a 30 game tournament with a different version of dodgeball. This year was Mountain Dodgeball. In addition to the regular challenge of hitting players with dodgeballs, in Mountain Dodgeball, teams score a...

Earth Rangers’ Visit

November 13, 2018
‚Äč On Monday, November 12th, students at Golden Avenue were treated to a visit from the Earth Rangers‚Äô Organization‚Äôs Mark and Josh. They both brought a ton of knowledge about animals as well as information about how we can help have a positive impact on our environment and climate change.

Remembrance Day at Golden Avenue

November 13, 2018

On Friday, November 9th, students at Golden Avenue recognized the many thousands of Canadian service men and women, who served their country in all wars, serving for freedom and peace.

The ceremony included thoughtful presentations and performances by students, including poems, songs, and videos.

Visit the link...

Green Screen Adventures

November 12, 2018

Imagination and adventure are big things for our youngest learners. The Kindergarten class has been using their green screen to create imaginary stories. With the help of an iPad app and a green screen, the Kindergarten students have visited volcanoes, survived a tornado, found  rainbows, flew with Skye from Paw...

October's Character Education

November 06, 2018
Th roughout the month of October, students and staff at Golden Avenue have been focused on respect. Following this year's first character education assembly, Mr. Kring challenged the Golden Avenue community to demonstrate respect both inside and outside the school walls. Many students made an effort to be respectful during the...
pumpkins 1.JPG

Golden Avenue Pumpkin Carving Competition

October 31, 2018
Mr. Wray at Golden Avenue Public School organized a Pumpkin Carving Competition.  Pumpkins were donated from Metro in the Porcupine Mall.  Each class carved a pumpkin and they were brought back to the Porcupine Mall for display.  The community was asked to vote for the best pumpkin by filling out a ballot. The...
Science Olympics 3.jpeg

Science Olympics

October 25, 2018
On October 19th, 2018, four students from the grade 6 class at Golden Avenue participated in the 2018 Regional Science Olympics Competition science activities presented by Science Timmins and Goldcorp Porcupine Gold Mines. The students represented our school really well and brought home the grand prize for best costume! Thank you...
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District School Board Ontario North East Trustee Election Results

October 24, 2018

(October 24, 2018, Timmins) ‚Äď With the 2018 School Board Election now finalized, District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) would like to thank all candidates for their interest in becoming a Trustee for our Board. DSB1 is looking forward to continuing to work with returning Trustees: Bob Brush ‚Äď...

Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well

October 18, 2018

District School Board Ontario North East is proud to host Dr. Greg Wells on Tuesday, November 13 th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Timmins High and Vocational School.   Schools in the North and South regions will be able to attend the talk via a YouTube livestream.  "We invite students,...
Important Announcement.jpg

Consultations on Education Reform

October 03, 2018
The Ontario government has launched consultations on education reform. There will be three ways for people to participate:

An online submission form, available now, that allows people, organizations or groups to provide their views on any of the consultation topics. Submissions can also be sent to the ministry by emailing or

summer-basketball-camp (1).jpg

High Performance Basketball Camp

June 11, 2018
‚ÄčTimmins High and Vocational School will be holding its 13th annual High Performance Basketball Camp July 30th to August 3rd, 2018. It is open to boys and girls entering Grades 6-12.
Please see below for the brochure, as well...
Canada Learning Bond.png

New Canada Learning Bond

May 22, 2018
‚ÄčThe Canada Learning Bond is an initial $500 offered by the Government of Canada to help you start saving now for your child‚Äôs education after high school. Your child could also get $100 every year until age 15. In total, a child could receive up to $2,000 in an RESP. 
Music Monday.jpg

Music Monday

May 09, 2018
‚ÄčOn Monday May 7th, students participated in a province-wide intiative called "Music Monday". Students across the province kicked off Education Week by celebrating all the things they love about music. At Golden Avenue, students were led by Mr. Bergounhon through singing to some of the students' favourite Canadian songs.
Thanks, Mr....
2018 Fun Pass.png

2018 Fun Pass

May 04, 2018
‚ÄčCelebrate the summer with savings when you plan a trip to Ontario's attractions with the 2018 Fun Pass. The 2018 Fun Pass coupons provide free admission for up to two elementary school-aged children at 18 popular attractions when accompanied by a paying adult or senior. Parents can also save $5 on...

TH&VS Summer Basketball Camp

April 27, 2018
‚ÄčThe 5 time OFSAA Champions Timmins High Blues will be holding a Summer Basketball Camp for Boys and Girls entering Grades 1 to Grade 9, July 2 to July 6, 2018. Beat the summer boredom, make new friends, and learn valuable basketball skills from the BEST.
**New this year -  PAY ONLINE,...
Sunglasses Day(6).jpg

Sunglasses Day

April 27, 2018
‚Äč Students wore their favourite shades and sunglasses to celebrate Autism Awareness at Golden Avenue.

Funny Hair Day 3.jpg

Funny Hair Day

April 23, 2018
‚ÄčStudents helped celebrate Autism Awareness this week by creating their funniest hair designs or wearing their favourite hats.


TH&VS Multi-Sport Summer Camp 2018

April 19, 2018
‚ÄčSay goodbye to boredom this summer, get your child involved in a great activity, and support Timmins High at the same time!  Timmins High and Vocational School will be holding a "Multi-Sport Camp" for children ages 5 to 14 at the school July 9 to July 13, and July 16 to July 20 (9:00am...

Fan Day

April 16, 2018
‚Äč On Friday, April 13th, students across all grades donned their favourite outfits, jerseys, t-shirts, sweaters and more to help recognize the unique students with Autism in our school c ommunity.

IMG_2588 AnnouncementsImgStock.jpg

Golden Supports the Humboldt Broncos

April 12, 2018
‚ÄčStudents wore green, yellow, or a sports jersey today. Pictured here are the grade 6 students. 
IMG_3395 r.jpg

Autism Awareness Day

April 05, 2018
‚ÄčStudents and staff at Golden Avenue Public School in South Porcupine marked World Autism Awareness Day on April 3rd, with a very special flag-raising ceremony. They also chose to wear blue to bring awareness to the day.
World Autism Awareness Day was officially recognized for the first time on April 2,...