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Welcome to the Hot Chocolate Stand

January 30, 2020
​Students in Mrs. Mullin's class have had a hot chocolate center during the month of January where imagination ruled.  Orders were taken and patrons sipped on imaginary hot chocolate and treats.  To wrap up the center, the class had a real stand where students had real  hot chocolate and donuts.  Nothing beats...

Exercising the Body and the Mind

January 14, 2020
​Students are challenging themselves physically as the make their way through an obstacle course. Once complete, the students have to decide their Connect 4 move. Red vs Yellow. Which team will connect 4 first? 
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Our Friend Frosty

January 14, 2020
​Students took the opportunity to make new friends on a nice day in January when the snow was nice and sticky.  
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Student Accident Insurance

January 09, 2020
Our District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) staff work diligently to ensure student safety. However, accidents can and do happen! Each year, many of our families spend thousands of dollars when their children are injured at school, on field trips, while participating in non-school activities, or at home.  DSB1 does...

Defying Limits with Dr. Dave Williams

November 08, 2019

District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Dave Williams on November 7th, 2019.  Dr. Williams is a Canadian icon with an impressive career: Emergency Doctor, Astronaut, Aquanaut, Jet Pilot, CEO, Author and Speaker.  

Tales from his extraordinary life journey captured the audience through both presentations. ...

More fun at the pumpkin patch

October 29, 2019


Aidie Creek Garden Pumpkin Patch

October 29, 2019
​What a wonderful day spent at the pumpkin patch.  

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Join Us for a Presentation by Dr. Dave Williams

September 30, 2019
District School Board Ontario North East is thrilled to invite staff, families and community partners to a presentation by Canadian astronaut, Dr. Dave Williams.

  Dr. Dave William will present from Timmins High & Vocational School, in the auditorium.  We are pleased to welcome all of our communities to...

Fall Fair Fun

September 26, 2019
​Great fun was had by all at the Fall Fair.  As you can see from the pictures, we had yummy fair food, rode exciting rides, and enjoyed educational exhibits. 

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Terry Fox

September 26, 2019
​Elk Lake Public School had a mission - raise $1000.00 for Terry Fox and Ms. Rodrigue would die her hair pink.   Challenge on and boy did the students meet that challenge - they surpassed that goal and went on to raise over $1600.  Not bad for a student population of 30.  A...
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First Day Back

September 05, 2019

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Save the Date - Dr. Dave Williams

June 26, 2019

District School Board Ontario North East is thrilled to invite staff, families and community partners to a presentation by Dr. Dave Williams.   Thursday, November 7, 2019
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm  (book signing to follow in Timmins) Timmins High and Vocational School Auditorium  (Broadcasted live to all schools in...
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F2T Cafe

May 27, 2019
​ Elk Lake PS hosted a ”Farm to Table F2T Café“ in the school gymnasium from 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m. Members of the public were welcomed into the school to dine on freshly prepared meals that focused on healthy choices. This project was one of many culminating tasks associated with the school’s overall Farm...
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Garden Boxes

May 27, 2019
​ In keeping with our Farm to Table Inquiry, students chose to explore how plants grow. As such, Elk Lake Public School invited in five local experts to help students build their own individual garden boxes that could then be planted with vegetables and herbs of their choice, including some of...
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Not a Box

April 09, 2019
​After listening to "Not a Box" by Antoinette Portis, students worked in pairs to plan, build, and create their own wild and wacky box inventions.  Great fun was had by all.

Indigenous Winter Games

March 18, 2019

On Friday, March 8th, students from Kerns Public School were welcomed to Elk Lake Public School to participate in an Indigenous Winter Games Day! Throughout the day students had the opportunity to participate in many historical, cultural and other fun activities! The day opened with a welcome circle, drumming and smudging....
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Transportation Cancellations due to Inclement Weather

February 22, 2019
Student safety is our main priority at District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1).  The Northern Ontario climate can sometimes cause the cancellation of student transportation.  That decision is made between the North East Tri-Board Student Transportation, the three school boards who are part of the consortium, as well as transportation operators...
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Literacy Day Activities

February 11, 2019
​Once Breakfast and Stories were over, we continued the day doing Literacy activities.  It was a great day. 
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Literacy Day Activities

February 11, 2019
​After Breakfast, our Community Celebrities read us stories.  They are great story tellers. 
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Literacy Day Activities

February 11, 2019
​Elk Lake Public School started off their Literacy Day celebrations on Jan. 25 with a breakfast for students, Community Celebrities and staff.   Thanks to the cooks, It was delicious
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2018 Year in Review

December 21, 2018

As we approach the end of 2018, District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) is proud to reflect on accomplishments that help support a positive future story for every student. We are pleased to welcome five new Trustees on our Board this year.  We are grateful for the contributions...

In the Spirit of Giving

December 21, 2018
Through many  recent learning experiences such as; bridges, fairytales (The Gingerbread Man), community helpers and the meaning of Christmas, students came up with the wonderful, heartwarming idea to bake gingerbread cookies and give back to our community in the form of a cookie drive. Once the baking and decorating was completed, Mrs. Mullin...

​Swimming Fun

December 20, 2018
​To celebrate the end of 2018, staff and students travelled to the new Kirkland Lake Complex to check out the new pool.  As you can see, fun was had by all.

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Educators Take Part in Inquiry-Based Science Innovation Workshop

November 27, 2018

Elementary educators took part in a Science North  Inquiry-Based Science Innovation workshop on November 22 nd at THVS. The full day of hands-on learning, interactive experiments and engaging activities for teaching the grade 4, 5 and 6 "Understanding Structures and Mechanisms" strands, was a unique experience for all participants....
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Dr. Greg Wells Inspires

November 15, 2018

Dr. Greg Wells is a physiologist, researcher, author and broadcaster.  He spoke to DSB1 students, families, staff and community partners on Tuesday, November 13th.  His presentation was broadcasted to our northern and southern schools via livestream video from Timmins High and Vocational School. 
Dr. Wells shared the sleep-eat-move-think pathway to...

Remembering Our Veterans

November 12, 2018

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November 02, 2018
​ Great fun was had by all on Halloween as students enjoyed a Halloween Costume Parade in the morning  and Spectacular Spooky   Activities in the afternoon.  Activities that the students enjoyed included cooking interesting pizza and creating scary monster apples, they tried their hands at a stem activity of building the tallest tower with...
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District School Board Ontario North East Trustee Election Results

October 24, 2018

(October 24, 2018, Timmins) – With the 2018 School Board Election now finalized, District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) would like to thank all candidates for their interest in becoming a Trustee for our Board. DSB1 is looking forward to continuing to work with returning Trustees: Bob Brush –...

Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well

October 18, 2018

District School Board Ontario North East is proud to host Dr. Greg Wells on Tuesday, November 13 th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Timmins High and Vocational School.   Schools in the North and South regions will be able to attend the talk via a YouTube livestream.  "We invite students,...
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Smile Cookies

October 12, 2018
​Smiling faces are in full force at Elk Lake Public School. Following the hard work of harvesting our Community Garden, students were thanked with a "Smile Cookie".
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Thanksgiving Feast

October 12, 2018
​Staff and students at Elk Lake Public School have a lot to be thankful for, as they enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast together.  They cooperatively prepared a delicious Hearty Turkey Vegetable soup, using vegetables from our Community Garden. 
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Consultations on Education Reform

October 03, 2018
The Ontario government has launched consultations on education reform. There will be three ways for people to participate:

An online submission form, available now, that allows people, organizations or groups to provide their views on any of the consultation topics. Submissions can also be sent to the ministry by emailing or

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September 20, 2018
Students did a wonderful job gathering all the vegetalbes from the Community Garden.  The planters were then made ready for new produce to be planted it the spring. 
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Fall Fair Fun

September 20, 2018
​There were many activities to try at the fair to keep everyone busy.
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Student Vote 2018

June 07, 2018
Our CIVIX Student Vote 2018 was held on June 5, 2018.  We had amazing engagement in our unit on government, and especially with learning about the political party platforms, and with the actual voting.  Students also really loved creating their own speeches and platforms to run for Class President (Josh Henry) and...
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New Canada Learning Bond

May 22, 2018
​The Canada Learning Bond is an initial $500 offered by the Government of Canada to help you start saving now for your child’s education after high school. Your child could also get $100 every year until age 15. In total, a child could receive up to $2,000 in an RESP. 
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2018 Fun Pass

May 04, 2018
​Celebrate the summer with savings when you plan a trip to Ontario's attractions with the 2018 Fun Pass. The 2018 Fun Pass coupons provide free admission for up to two elementary school-aged children at 18 popular attractions when accompanied by a paying adult or senior. Parents can also save $5 on...