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Bertha Shaw Public School
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Plastic Grab Bag Challenge

May 10, 2019

Plastic Grab Bag Challenge6.JPGDid you know that more than 1 billion plastic bags are handed out in Canada each year? They can all be reused and recycled. 

Students in Mme. MacDonald’s and Mme. Boychuks’s classes at Bertha Shaw as well as students in Mr. Wray’s and Mrs. Mahon’s classes at Golden Avenue participated in the Plastic Grab Bag Challenge in April.

The students challenged their schools to collect as many plastic bags as possible, collecting over 500 plastic bags in total! They spread an environmental message, stating: “Make an impact, reduce your footprint, reuse the bag!”. 

The collected plastic bags were then reused to make skipping ropes. Together, students from both schools collaborated and made more than 2 dozen skipping ropes, which are currently being used at recess, in the community, and during The Heart and Stroke’s Jump Off event. 

plastic grab bag challenge2.jpg

By collecting and reusing the plastic bags, students have saved local wildlife from suffering the ills of consuming the plastic in our local landfills and environment.​

plastic grab bag challenge5.jpg