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District School Board Ontario North East
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Board Prepares for New Year Ahead

August 22, 2017
​"Redefining Learning and Teaching for the 21st Century" was the theme of a special Professional Development Day event held by District School Board Ontario North East at Timmins High and Vocational School on Thursday, September 1st.

Trustees and Board Administration, along with over 700 Teachers, Educational Assistants, Child Youth Workers, and Early Childhood Educators from across the North East participated in over 86 workshops, showcasing innovation in the classroom.

The day’s highlights included keynote presentations from Leonard Brody (Business and Technology Visionary) and Shawn Lennie (Apple Education Executive).

Lennie spoke of challenge-based learning, and building the thinking skills of students. Meantime, Brody presented a strong message about how to make students competitive in our technological world.

In-between those presentations, employees had opportunities to participate in workshops of their choice. The 86 workshops covered a huge range of topics related to technology in the classroom.

"The world is changing, and the goal at our Board is to prepare our students, and make sure they stay current with those changes," commented Board Chair, Doug Shearer.

"We’ve had a fantastic response from our staff, and with the many different workshops being held at the school today, we’re keeping education current and on the leading edge here in the North East," added Shearer.

One of the ways District School Board Ontario North East is staying current is through its’ successful one-to-one iPad initiative, which will be expanding this Fall.

"We are advancing our ipad program this year, so we will have one personal iPad for every student in Grades 5 to 7," commented Director of Education, Linda Knight.

"In the Grade 3-4 area we go toward a 2-1 project – and all of our other primary classes will have small clusters of anywhere from 3 to 5 ipads. We’re continuing to fulfill our strategic plan for student success, and look forward to another wonderful year of learning in our schools."

To read the full media release:

Board Prepares for New Year Ahead - September 1, 2016.pdf

PHOTO: Linda Knight, Leonard Brody, and Doug Shearer

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