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Work Completed at R. Ross Beattie

August 22, 2017
Trustees and Administration at District School Board Ontario North East are pleased to announce that R. Ross Beattie Senior Public School will be open and ready for students on Tuesday, September 6th. Structural repairs to the foundation, as well as landscaping and paving work have all been completed.

The net cost to the Board on this project is $202,700.00.

"The re-opening of Beattie will give the community a chance to be involved in a proper Accommodation Review process," says Board Chair Doug Shearer. "We have a Capital Plan process which calls for that to happen in 2018. As mentioned previously, the repairs at Beattie will give life to the school for at least another two years or beyond."

Classes were cancelled at Ross Beattie on May 20th, as repair crews and structural engineers moved in to assess the damage of a water leak at the school. Meantime, students were transferred to Timmins High to finish their year. Several public meetings were held to keep parents abreast of the situation.

The fate of Ross Beattie was sealed on June 21st, as the Board of Trustees of District School Board Ontario North East voted to re-open the school to students in September.

Read the media release in full:

Work Completed at R. Ross Beattie - August 30, 2016.pdf

PHOTO: Ross Beatte emblem

Ross Beattie Emblem.png