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District School Board Ontario North East
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Popsicle Stick Bridge Challenge

May 14, 2019

KLDCS bridge.jpg

The Materials Joining Innovation Centre (MaJIC) and Northern College hosted students from KLDCS on Thursday for a tour and a fun popsicle stick bridge building contest.

The students were given the task of designing a bridge using only wooden popsicle sticks and white glue. After construction each bridge was placed in the official fixture and tested using MaJIC’s 200 ton compression tester.
Each construction was evaluated on the maximum load supported and the overall mass of the bridge.

“We love to work with students to develop a love for technology and design.” - Jeff Molyneaux, MaJICs Executive Director 

The students were also provided with a tour of the Northern College School of Welding Engineering. Demonstrations of advanced technologies ranging from CNC cutting to x-ray inspection, heat treatment of steels and a quick introduction to metallurgy were enjoyed by all.

From left to right:  Nick Kmyta, Tanner Mazzocato and Jonah King