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District School Board Ontario North East
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New Strategic Plan Introduced

September 06, 2018

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Board Administration and Trustees of District School Board Ontario North East have rolled-out a new 3-year Strategic Plan. Details of the plan were explained to employees during the September 4th Professional Activity Day. Approved at the regular Board meeting on June 5th, the plan will act as a roadmap from which informed decisions can be made.

Community consultations began across the district in January, 2018. Mike Sereda of Positive Workplace Solutions LTD led the planning process with students, parents, staff, municipalities, Indigenous communities and other community partners providing their input into shaping the future of the Board.

“It was a comprehensive and very successful process,” admits Board Chair, Bob Brush. “Since January, over 2000 people have been involved in discussing our Board’s long-term goals and priorities.”

The mission statement of the new plan is: “Together, we inspire innovation and a passion for learning.” The vision statement is: “Empowering all learners to achieve personal excellence.” The Strategic Plan also highlights 3 priorities: equity, culture and innovation.

The new plan also identifies 8 commitments:

DSB Ontario North East commits to putting the needs of learners first by:
  • Ensuring that students are the focus.
  • Expecting high standards in pedagogy, programs, and results.
  • Providing access to resources, technology and experiences that meet students’ strengths and needs.

DSB Ontario North East commits to excellence by:
  • Supporting high standards for each learner.
  • Maintaining high professional standards for staff.
  • Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of students and staff.

DSB Ontario North East commits to inspire and promote learning by:
  • Encouraging risk-taking by students and staff.
  • Engaging the community in real world experiences for students.
  • Developing critical thinking skills in students.

DSB Ontario North East commits to engaging in open and transparent communication by:
  • Celebrating the successes of the DSB1 community.
  • Consulting internal and external audiences during the decision-making process.
  • Promoting student and family voice.

DSB Ontario North East commits to equitable practices by:
  • Recognizing the diversity of our Board community.
  • Promoting our Board’s diversity and achievements.
  • Encouraging participation in our DSB1 community of learning.

DSB Ontario North East commits to ensuring respectful learning and
working environments by:

  • Providing resources that promote wellness.
  • Respecting cultural diversity.
  • Promoting a culture of learning.

DSB Ontario North East commits to utilizing the leadership skills
of the entire community by:
  • Fostering student voice.
  • Ensuring strong community partnerships.
  • Demonstrating pride in our diversity.

DSB Ontario North East commits to being a strong steward of public education by:
  • Engaging with all levels of government.
  • Allocating resources in an equitable fashion.
  • Serving the needs of all learners

“It has been such an exciting process to hear over 2000 responses to inform our new mission, vision, priorities and commitments,” says Director of Education, Lesleigh Dye. “I am so proud of our students, staff, families, trustees and community members who took the time to share their ideas with us. I look forward to the implementation with our staff and our trustees.”

Read Original Media Release from Thursday, September 6th, 2018: