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Special Trip For DJPS

March 29, 2018

​Imagine being over 200 km from home, deep in the Ontario wilderness for three days during the winter. You have no cell phone signal or running water. Unforeseeably, a location matching this description has become one of the favourite places in the world for the Grade 8 students of Diamond Jubilee Public School. 

After boarding a northbound train in Cochrane, the students disembarked after 220 km at Camp Onakawana. Some of the stay’s highlights included ice fishing, setting rabbit snares, stretching an animal hide, and learning survival skills. Even more spectacular was the hospitality experienced by the host family: Pam, William, and Ben Tozer. 

It was a truly amazing experience that students and staff will reflect on for years to come. The only drawback of going to Camp Onakawana is that the students haven’t stopped asking when they can return!