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Students Rally in the Fight Against Cancer

August 23, 2017

​"Even though I’m not running anymore, we still have to try to find a cure for cancer. Other people should go ahead and try to do their own thing now." – Terry Fox.

Staff and students of R. Ross Beattie Senior Public School hold the Terry Fox Foundation

near and dear to their hearts. This year is no different. On Friday, September 30th, the school will be holding a special fundraiser.

Students will be taking aim in the fight against cancer by collecting donations in order to sink members of the teaching staff and administration in a dunk tank! Students will also be paying to have their favourite teacher kiss a real "live" pig! For every 100-dollars donated, one staff member will pucker up.

Events get underway at 1:15pm with the "Smooch a Pig" and 1:30pm with the "Dunk Tank". Members of the media are more than welcome to attend!

To view the original media release:

Students Rally in the Fight Against Cancer - September 29, 2017.pdf

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