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District School Board Ontario North East
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Ontario Student, Parent, and Educator Survey

December 07, 2017

​The voices of students across Ontario are important, and need to be heard. That’s the opinion of District School Board Ontario North East Student Trustees Jaykob Walton (Timmins High and Vocational School) and Aiza Asif (Iroquois Falls Secondary School).

At the Board of Trustees’ inaugural meeting on December 6th, Walton and Asif released the results of the Ontario Student, Parent, and Educator Survey (OSPES). The survey was created by the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association (OSTA-AECO). The organization is the largest stakeholder group in Ontario, representing 2 million students across the province.

“A list of questions were given out to parents, educators and about 5000 students across Ontario,” commented Walton. “The results serve as an assessment of Ontario’s education system from the perspective of its three most important stakeholders.”

“The results really show the aspects of our education system that need some change, improvement and attention by the Ministry, educators and decision-makers,” said Asif.

Data from the survey reveals striking deficiencies in Ontario’s education system. For example:
  • 70% of students believe financial literacy education is insufficient
  • 1 in 3 students feel their school lacks mental health resources and supports
  • 42% of students believe they are not sufficiently taught about different levels of government
To help more students have a say in their education, Walton and Asif have proposed the creation of a Student Senate. “It would be created to give students from all of our schools an opportunity to voice their concerns, and really get an understanding of all the issues they face,” added Asif.

“As part of the Board’s new Strategic Plan, we will be visiting schools and consulting with Principals and students about the idea,” adds Walton. “We’re currently working with student trustees from other Boards, to get an idea of how to successfully implement a Senate.”


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