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District School Board Ontario North East
Room Booking Requisition

​Please read the following before booking a new meeting:

  • Have you checked availability on the Activity Calendar?
  • It is the responsibility of the chair and/or requester of the activity to book lunches/meals, technological/media equipment and to confirm the meeting with those participating.
  • It is also the responsibility of the chair of the meeting to retrieve and set up the portable units. Check with the receptionist at the applicable Board Office for location of portable unit.
  • A list of participants is required for accounting purposes. If you are unable to confirm names at the time of submitting this form please enter an approximate number of attendees. Once participants are confirmed submit the names on the "Make Changes" form. If names are unavailable, particularly from agencies outside the Board, the number of reps would be acceptable.
  • When choosing a room or video-conferencing site please keep in mind that the Board rooms in both Schumacher and New Liskeard are for large group meetings. Please check the following capacity to assist in making a choice of location according to the numbers attending your meeting:
    • New Liskeard Board Office - Board Room (Up to 30 people)
    • Schumacher Board Office - Meeting Room 2 (Up to 12 people)
    • Schumacher Board Office - Meeting Room 3 (Up to 12 people)
    • Schumacher Board Office - Board Room (Up to 20 people)
    • Clayton Brown Public School (Up to 4 people)[ video conferencing unavailable ]
    • École Secondaire Cochrane High School (Up to 4 people)
    • Joseph H. Kennedy Public School
    • Englehart High School (Up to 22 people)
    • Iroquois Falls Secondary School (Up to 18 people)
    • Kapuskasing District High School (Up to 25 people)
    • Kirkland Lake District Composite School - Conference Room (Up to 16 people)
    • Kirkland Lake District Composite School - Room 231 (Up to 20 people)[ video conferencing unavailable ]
    • Roland Michener Secondary School - Room 101 (Up to 80 people)[ available only to Board office admin ]
    • Smooth Rock Falls Public School (Up to 3 people)
    • Temagami Public School - Library (Up to 20 people)
    • Timiskaming District Secondary School - Room 111 (12 to 15 people)
    • Timmins High & Vocational School - Room 230 (50 to 60 people)

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