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District School Board Ontario North East
Community Use of Schools



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​Schools are becoming the hubs of our communities, and it is happening all across Ontario. Community Use of Schools is an initiative of the Ontario Ministry of E​ducation that supports access to school space outside of school hours for not-for-profit community groups. 

Schools have exclusive use of their space on school days from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 
Community Use space is available from September through June, Monday to Friday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm at most schools, and from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, upon school approval and custodial availability.  Please see below for forms, prices, and guidelines. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Our schools are not open for Community Use during Summer, Christmas and March breaks, Statutory Holidays, or Professional Activity (PA) days.​  

Guidelines for Community Us​e of Schools:​​

**Group Classification and Fee Schedule**

Submitting Applications
Applications need to be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the activity to allow time for processing.

Insurance Requirements
All groups require proof of a minimum of 2-million dollars liability insurance, naming District School Board Ontario North East as additional insured.

Weekend Use of Facilities
A custodian must be available at the school for the duration of your event.  If custodial staff cannot be secured, we will be unable to accomodate your request. 

**Please Note:  As per O. Regulation 243/07, all identified Drinking Water Taps in our schools are required to be flushed daily when there are children aged 18 years or under present.  On weekends, when the school is not open, alternative sources of potable water are to be used for consumption (preparation of food or drink) for children aged 18 years or younger.

Birthday/Private Parties
District School Board Ontario North East will not accept permits for birthday or private parties.

Inclement Weather Days
For the safety of our community partners and staff, District School Board Ontario North East would like to advise that all community use of schools permits will be cancelled when schools have been closed during the day due to inclement weather, school bus cancellations, or for any other reason beyond the control of the School Board.  Notice of cancellation will be provided, by email, as quickly as possible in this situation. 
Use of Inflatables on School Property
District School Board Ontario North East has some restrictions on the use of inflatables in our schools. Certain inflatable attractions may be used under the Community Use of Schools, as long as they are professionally installed and properly supervised. 
(Any inflatable device that are designed for jumping and free falls with multiple participants at one time (eg. Bounce Houses and Combo Houses) are not allowed. Also inflatable devices where the participants are on or inside and where the equipment design obstructs sight lines, interferes with supervision, creates confined spaces (suffocation hazard) or where detachment from a tethering device could cause serious injury are also not allowed. Inflatable devices designed for jousting, boxing, wrestling, etc must be age appropriate. All inflatable devices must be approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and must be installed by licensed mechanics/installers and there must be an adequate number of supervisors on each device.)

Please fill out the form below and email to the Outreach Coordinator for permission to use inflatables in our schools.​

​To Book a School Facility, Applicants Must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older to obtain a permit.
  • Have a valid email address that can receive account information and approved permits.
  • Provide a certificate of Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of 2-million dollars, naming District School Board Ontario North East as co-insured, or additional insured. Groups that do not carry liability insurance can purchase it through District School Board Ontario North East based on the User Group Policy and Rating Schedule provided by OSBIE (listed below). The cost of the liability insurance will be added to the permit costs.​

OSBIE Insurance Program

Apply for a Community Use of Schools Permit

District School Board Ontario North East is working to provide a seamless offering of its school facilities to local community groups through a user-friendly online application process. Users and groups wanting to rent one of our schools will need to create an account in our online database, and apply for a permit. This simple process can be done in the comfort of your home with minimal forms to be filled out.

To book a school facility, start by creating an account in our online database by clicking the Get Started button below. If you are new to this process, please download the instruction manual here:


If you have any questions regarding Community Use of Schools or the OSBIE Insurance Program, please contact:

Community Use of Schools 
Phone: 705-360-7679
Fax: 705-268-7100

**Note About Asbestos:
Given the age of some of our schools, there is a potential for asbestos in some of the construction materials found within the room(s) you have booked. A complete list of asbestos containing material (ACM), if present in the room, can be found in the Designated Substance Survey in the Asbestos Management Plan binder located at the front office or custodial office of the school. As the permit holder, it is recommended that you let the users under the permit know about this advisory. District School Board Ontario North East has an Asbestos Management plan in place, as required by Ontario Regulation 278/05.