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Hybrid Model Information Sheet
Remote Learning Orientation Sessions
Kindergarten to Grade 8
Grade 9 to 12
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Guide to Seesaw

Guides and Tip Sheets for Families

Access to Technology

Grade 4-12 students are permitted to take an iPad home in order to complete their school work.  The remaining iPads will be given to some K-3 students based on need which will be determined in consultation with families, the teacher and principal.  Individual schools will develop a procedure for providing students with access to technology.
If a student/family takes a DSB1 iPad home, they are agreeing to the information provided in the following documents.
Learn at Home by the Ministry of Education of Ontario
Access the "Learn at Home" resources created by the Ministry of Education to support learning during school closures

Additional Resources

Resources for Families
Kindergarten to Grade 3
A focus on outdoor learning and exploration is important for our youngest learners.