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District School Board Ontario North East
Learning Resources

DSB1 Continuity of Learning Plan

The Continuity of Learning Plan outlines the overall purpose of educator-led learning during this time, as well as expectations for each division.  

Our Plan addresses distance learning through a variety of methods, extending beyond online learning.  The plan also includes considerations and supports for students with special education needs. Equity is one of our priorities at DSB1 and we will ensure that all families can participate in this educator-led learning.

Click here to to view the full version of the plan. 

 DSB1 Family Survey Results about Distance Learning 

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who completed the survey to help us better serve students through distance learning. 

Why stay engaged in distance learning_.jpg

Guides and Tip Sheets for Families

Educator-Led Distance Learning Tip Sheet

Guide to Synchronous Learning

iPad Guide

iPad Accessibility Features

Guide to Google Classroom

Guide to Google Docs

Guide to Google Slides

Guide to Microsoft Teams

Guide to Microsoft Teams Virtual Meetings

Guide to Showbie

Guide to Seesaw

Zoom Tip Sheet

Access to Technology

Grade 4-12 students are permitted to take an iPad home in order to complete their school work.  The remaining iPads will be given to some K-3 students based on need which will be determined in consultation with families, the teacher and principal.  Individual schools will develop a procedure for providing students with access to technology.

If a student/family takes a DSB1 iPad home, they are agreeing to the information provided in the following documents.

iPAD Parent Information FAQ sheet sept_15.pdf

iPad student loan terms and agreement Sept 2015.pdf

Appropriate Use of Technology Policy

Appropriate Use of Technology Procedure

Learn at Home by the Ministry of Education of Ontario

Access the "Learn at Home" resources created by the Ministry of Education to support learning during school closures. 

Additional Resources

Resources for Families

Parent Guide - Literacy and Math in Kindergarten.pdf

Doing Mathematics with Your Child - K to 6.pdf

Reading and Writing with your Child - K to 6.pdf

Parent Guide to Fundamentals of Math - K to 8.pdf

Tips for FSL Parents Supporting at Home.pdf

Kindergarten to Grade 3

A focus on outdoor learning and exploration is important for our youngest learners.  

Reading, Writing, Oral Language and Media Literacy


Storyline Online
TVO Language



Les copains Carlins



TVO OM Power

TVO Kids

Prodigy Game

Khan Academy


Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play Canada


Other Subjects

Cosmic Yoga

Music Play


CBC Kids-Indigenous

Mystery Science

Ophea Physical Education



Grades 4 to 6 

Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Media Literacy


Unite for Literacy




Raconte-moi une histoire (BANQ) 






Khan Academy

Math Card Games




Other Subjects

Canadian Geographic

Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

Kids National Geographic

Mystery Science


Music Play

Ophea Physical Education



Grades 7 and 8