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District School Board Ontario North East
Mental Health & Well-being Services

At District School Board Ontario North East, our Mental Health Team and coordinates a broad spectrum of essential mental health promotion programs, early identification services, individual or group preventative interventions, consultations with teachers and guardians, progress monitoring, and liaison services that triangulate the student, school and community partners. Our services have a special emphasis on support for student mental health and well-being, identification and intervention of children at risk as well as continued collaborative efforts with community partners.

Any parent with a concern for their child's health who would like to access these services is encouraged to speak to their child's teacher or school administration about the referral process.​

Continuum of Services


Mental Health and Well-Being

Provide support for all students in our district.


Emotional Problems or Concerns

Provide liaison and support services for students.


Mental Illness

Provide support for all students in our district.