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District School Board Ontario North East
For Parents/Guardians

​Parents and others in the community have an important role to play in influencing and reinforcing the mental health and well-being of our students. Providing parents with evidence based information helps them to support their children in healthy lifestyle choices. Find out more by following the links on this page.

​Getting Help for Children with Mental Health Concerns

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​Children's Mental Health Initiatives

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DSB Ontario North East Mental Health Strategy


Parent Engagement Is Important to Student Success

Resources are available to help you guide and encourage you child in learning skills that are essential for success at school and throughout life. The support that you provide your child plays a major role in your child's achievements, both in and out of the classroom. View helpful ideas, tips and resources developed by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education.

View the Parent Engagement section of the CODE website

Kids Have Stress Too!

More information about the program in our JK-8 schools

Stress is a normal part of everyday life for children and adults. It helps to motivate us and adds a positive challenge to life. However, too much stress can be counter-productive and overwhelming. Learning to handle stress is an important life skill for everyone.

View the Parents Section of Kids Have Stress Too website

Resources by Topic


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​Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI)

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​Substance Misuse

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​Suicide Prevention & Intervention

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