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District School Board Ontario North East
Mental Health Week

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Five Ways to Well-Being

Mental Health Week is May 4th to 10th, 2020.  The North Eastern Ontario Family and Child Services and North Eastern Ontario Mental Health Week Committee is committed to promoting Five Ways to Well-Being that supports people to live a happy and fulfilling life and feel engaged in their community. 

Five Ways to Well-Being is a set of five simple, evidence-based actions which can improve well-being in everyday life.  Each weekday of Mental Health, we will promote one of the five actions. Join us in celebrating mental health and wellbeing by incorporating these actions into your life. 

The Five Ways to Well-Being are:

  1. Connect: Talk and listen.  Be there.  Feel Connected.

  2. Take Notice: Appreciate the simple things that give you joy.

  3. Be Active:  Move your mood.  Do what you can.  Enjoy what you do.

  4. Keep Learning: Embrace new experiences.  See opportunities.  Surprise yourself.

  5. Give: Your time.  Your words.  Your presence. 

Activity Books
Our Mental Health Team has prepared two activiy books for students - one for elementary students and one for secondary students. Download them and take part in the Five Ways to Well-Being.

Click on the images below to learn more about each of the Five Ways!

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