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District School Board Ontario North East
Eye See…Eye Learn®

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Promoting children’s vision with Eye See…Eye Learn®

80% of learning is visual, but 1-in-4 school-aged children has a vision problem...

Not to worry!  That’s where the Eye See…Eye Learn® program comes in. The program offers Junior Kindergarten students a complimentary pair of glasses if they are prescribed, following an OHIP-covered eye exam with a participating optometrist.  Out of all children who participated in the program in 2016-2017, 15 per cent received glasses.  That's a total of 3,365 pairs!  

Please see the report below from The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on the importance of eye care for children.  And remember...OHIP covers annual eye exams by an optometrist or physician for anyone under the age of 20!

MOH News Release-Sep 18 2017.pdf

Visit for more information, and book an appointment with your local participating optometrist today!