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CNC Workshop

January 13, 2020

CNC 2.JPGSpecialist High Skills Major Construction students from Kirkland Lake District Composite School participated in a workshop hosted by Englehart High School.  The workshop highlighted the capabilities of the CNC Carver and Laser Engraver using VCarve software.  

Marc Gorecki, Englehart's Construction teacher and host of the workshop was able to share his expertise with both students and staff.  As well, the group was joined by Marshall Cudney, a graduate of Englehart High School currently in his first year of the Wood Working Technician program at Conestoga College. Marshall provided insight into his post-secondary experience as well as the job opportunities available to students in his program. 


Students learned how these state of the art Carvers and Engravers increase the safety, consistency, speed and accuracy in the manufacturing sector both in the classroom and in the world of work. In addition, they learned basics of the VCarve software and how to import, edit and prepare a project for production. Students also learned how to create the joinery used in cabinetmaking, and other manufacturing applications using a wide variety of materials, including glass, granite and wood. 


Students were able to put their new knowledge to practice and created a personal project during the workshop!  Thank you to all participants including students and staff!


Please contact your school's guidance department for information regarding Specialist High Skills Major programs.