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Board Office Staff Gather for Professional Learning Day

November 30, 2018


On Thursday, November 29th, employees from the New Liskeard and Schumacher Board offices gathered in Kirkland Lake for a day of learning and professional development. 

We started the day together at Kirkland Lake District Composite School to visit the Greenhouse, the school's Makerspace.  The students lead tours of the space, showcasing different stations, technologies and projects they are currently working on.  It was amazing to see the engagement, excitement and pride that the students have in what they create in that space! 

The group then gathered to talk about our Strategic Plan, how our work supports the plan and is reflected in our commitments and priorities.  We had opportunities to share with people from different departments and locations.  It allowed us to see how each person plays a role in how we bring our Strategic Plan to life.

We ended the day with a presentation by Walter Cecchini of Desire to Rewire.  His message of a culture of wellness was powerful and engaging.  Walter challenged us to do things different, challenge our thinking and live outside of our comfort zone.  He skillfully tied this to our Strategic Plan and the role we play in bringing it to life through a culture of wellness.

Thank you to the students at KLDCS and Walter Cecchini for enriching this professional learning day!