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District School Board Ontario North East
Information Services


How you login to Google Apps & D2L Virtual Learning has changed!

Single Sign On is now enabled!  You will no longer use to login to Google Services.

All users will use their computer/email passwords with



Some third-party services like Seesaw and Showbie allow you to "Login with Google" to use their service.  You may have to contact each service individually to migrate your data form the old account to your new username.

Please click here for more information on contacting support if you think you lost data.

For extra help, please use the -Get Help- Report a Problem! button above to contact an Information Support Technician.

Students now have Web Mail just like staff!

We have retired Gmail for students and switched to Microsoft Exchange Online.  Students can access their Board e-mail the same way staff do, by clicking on the Web Mail link at the top our our webpage.

Webmail Link.jpg

Then, simply log in with your Board account:



For extra help, please use the -Get Help- Report a Problem! button above to contact an Information Support Technician.


How do I access my old GAFE Email?

The Gmail app has been removed from all Staff iPads.  If you wish to access the email you had previously you can login to GMAIL.COM using the single sign on process listed above.  Your email will still be in the inbox but you cannot send or receive new email to the address.  Staff and Students should now be using office 365 at by clicking the "webmail" link.

How do I login to third party apps?

You may choose to use the "Login with Google" or "Login with Microsoft" options when login into any third party app that provides those options.  Ideally, if you select "Login with Microsoft" you will save typing in the username twice.  "Login with Microsoft" is the preferred method.