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District School Board Ontario North East
Five Ways to Well-being Challenge

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Enter DSB1's Five Ways to Well-being Challenge for your chance to win one of five prizes!


How do I enter?

Take a short video demonstrating one of the Five Ways to Well-Being and submit it to 

Submission Deadline:

Tuesday, April 6th at Winners will be announced on the week of April 19th-23rd!



  • Each video must demonstrate only one of the Five Ways to Well-Being: Connect, Take Notice, Keep LearningBe Active, or Give. If you would like to show how you bring more than one of the Five Ways to Well-Being to life, please submit more than one video.
  • Videos must be 15 seconds or less.
  • Videos must be vertical orientation. (If using an iPad, make sure you're holding your it vertically!)
  • Submit your video(s) by email at . You must include your full name, grade and the DSB1 school you attend.


  • What are the Five Ways to Well-Being? They are: ConnectTake NoticeKeep LearningBe Active, and Give
  • What are the prizes? Winners will receive a $75 gift certificate to a local restaurant of their choice. 
  • Can I submit more than one video? YES!! You can submit one video for each of the Five Ways to Well-Being.
  • Can I submit a video with more than one of the Five Ways in it? No sorry, but you can submit each of them as individual videos. 
  • Can I submit a video longer then 15 seconds? No, the idea is to keep it short and sweet!
  • Can I submit as a group? Of course!! But you'll have to share the prize if you win. 😉
  • Can I submit a photo? This is a video contest, so photos will not qualify as an entry.