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Strategic Plan for Student Suc​​​cess
​At the Regular Board meeting held on June 5, 2018, ​​​​​​​the Trustees of District School Board Ontario North East approved a new Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement

Together, we inspire innovation and a passion for learning.


Empowering all learners to achieve personal excellence.

3 Priorities 

Equity         Culture          Innovation 


DSB Ontario North East commits to putting the needs of learners first by:

  • ensuring that students are the focus;
  • expecting high standards in pedagogy, programs, and results;
  • providing access to resources, technology and experiences that meet students' strengths and needs.

DSB Ontario North East commits to excellence by:

  • supporting high standards for each learner;
  • maintaining high professional standards for staff;
  • recognizing and celebrating the achievements of students and staff.

DSB Ontario North East commits to inspire and promote learning by:

  • encouraging risk-taking by students and staff;
  • engaging the community in real world experiences for students;
  • developing critical thinking skills in students.

DSB Ontario North East commits to engaging in open and transparent communication by:

  • celebrating the successes of the DSB Ontario North East community;
  • consulting internal and external audiences during the decision-making process;
  • promoting student and family voice.

DSB Ontario North East commits to equitable practices by:

  • recognizing the diversity of our Board community;
  • promoting our Board's diversity and achievements;
  • encouraging participation in our DSB Ontario North East community of learning.

DSB Ontario North East commits to ensuring respectful learning and working environments by:

  • providing resources that promote wellness;
  • respecting cultural diversity;
  • promoting a culture of learning.

DSB Ontario North East commits to utilizing the leadership skills of the entire community by:

  • fostering student voice;
  • ensuring strong community partnerships;
  • demonstrating pride in our diversity.

DSB Ontario North East commits to being a strong steward of public education by:

  • engaging with all levels of government;
  • allocating resources in an equitable fashion;
  • serving the needs of all learners.


As we roll out our new Strategic Plan, we will post relevant documents here.