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2016-17 Meetings Agendas Minutes

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​​​​​​August 30, 2016​​Special RFP MeetingAGENDA  ​​​​​
​September 6, 2017AGENDA ​​Minutes
September 20, 2016​AGENDA Minutes
​October 4, 2016AGENDA Minutes
​October 18,2016AGENDA Minutes
​Novemberr 1, 2016AGENDA Minutes.
​November 15, 2016AGENDA Minutes.
​December 6, 2016​Inaugural MeetingAGENDA Minutes
​January 16, 2017AGENDA Minutes
​January 24, 2017AGENDA Minutes.
​February 14, 2017AGENDA Minutes
​March 22, 2017AGENDA Minutes.
​April 4, 2017AGENDAMinutes
​April 18, 2017AGENDA Minutes
​May 2, 2017AGENDA Minutes
​May 16, 2017AGENDA Minutes.
​June 6, 2017AGENDA Minutes
​June 20, 2017AGENDA Minutes
​June 27, 2017​Special Budget MeetingAGENDAMinutes