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Executive Compensation

The Province's Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act of 2014 (BPSECA), requires broader public sector designated employers, which includes school boards, to develop Executive Compensation Programs to ensure a responsible, transparent, and consistent approach to managing executive salaries.

In consultation with Mercer (Canada), an independent consulting firm that specializes in executive compensation, an Executive Compensation Steering Committee, comprising the four publicly-funded Trustee Associations, Supervisory Officers and Directors of Education Associations, developed the Executive Compensation Framework for use by all 72 Ontario Public School Boards to comply with this legislation.  To this end, a comparison of similar Executive Compensation packages in similar positions was conducted. 

The Framework meets the intents and goals of the Ministry of Education and Treasury Board Secretariat to ensure responsible and transparent executive compensation management in the education sector.  Our Program balances the need to manage compensation costs, with the need to attract and retain the executive talent we seek, to ensure continued progress in student achievement and success.  District School Board Ontario North East used the provincial framework to develop our local Executive Compensation Program. 

As part of Ontario Regulation 304/16 - Executive Compensation Framework, we are conducting a mandatory, 30-day public consultation on our local Executive Compensation Program.  Following the consultation and review of the input, a summary of the public feedback and any changes to our Program will be submitted to the Ministry of Education for final approval.  Upon final Ministry approval, it must then be approved for adoption by the Board of Trustees prior to implementation. 

This report will be posted for 30 days.  We welcome your feedback either by submitting the form below, or by emailing us at:   *Please note that while we value all input, we will not be providing individual responses.

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