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District School Board Ontario North East
Equity Committee

The Equity Committee is exploring how District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) is implementing the Ontario's Education Equity Plan, through the lens of our Strategic Plan. The Committee will explore how DSB1 is identifying, anticipating and eliminating barriers for students in the areas of poverty, mental health and well-being and LGBTQ2S.

Committee Members

  • Kristen Niemi – Co-Chair (Superintendent of Education)
  • Alison Fantin – Co-Chair (Principal)
  • Amber Cairns (SERT)
  • Amy Nadon (Educational Assistant)
  • Andréanne Denis (Communications Officer)
  • Barry Promane (Teacher)
  • Bill Newell (Teacher)
  • Carole Horton (Manager of Building Services)
  • Denise Plante-Dupuis (Mental Health Lead)
  • Denise Sullivan (Teacher)
  • Dennis Draves (Trustee)
  • Desmond O'Connor (Indigenous Student Advisor)
  • Erin Buchmann (Teacher)
  • Farren-Lee Mancuso (Vice-Principal)
  • Isobel Donaldson (Teacher)
  • Jill Plaunt (Innovation and Learning Coach)
  • ​Johanna Paradis (SHSM/OYAP Teacher)
  • Julia VanderWeerden (SCWI/Teacher)
  • Karin Graham (Teacher)
  • Ken Steinbrunner (Trustee)
  • Kerri MacDonald (Teacher)
  • Kristal Carrier (Teacher)
  • Lesleigh Dye (Director of Education)
  • Lisa Mahon (Teacher)
  • Lisa Taylor (SERT/Teacher)
  • Lori Ridley-Whyte (ETFO President)
  • Mark Clemence (SERT)
  • Sean Robertson (District SERT)
  • Shari Denault (Teacher)
  • Shawn Donovan (Vice-Principal)
  • Sherry McNeil (CYW)
  • Tomara Kaye (Teacher)
  • Trish McNaueal (Child and Youth Worker)



​November, 7th, 2018
2018 11 07 Equity Minutes
​January 23rd, 2019 - Cancelled
March 20th, 2019
May 8th, 2019