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District School Board Ontario North East
2019 Federal Elections

Election Guidelines

The federal election will be held on or before Monday, Oct. 21, 2019. More information about the election is available from the Elections Canada website.

District School Board Ontario North East has created Elections Guidelines designed to support staff, candidates and their team in the weeks leading up to the federal election.  

School visits by candidates are generally not considered appropriate during an election campaign.  This restriction includes informal visits to classrooms and meetings with the School Council or school administrators. 

For more information contact:

Andréanne Denis

Communications Officer

705-360-1151 ext. 17604

Student Vote

Student Vote is an authentic learning program that provides students with the opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and practice the habits of active and informed citizenship.  

Many of our schools participate in Student Vote and other citizenship activities during election campaigns.  For more information on school activities, contact your local school.